Surf Trips

Worldwide Adventure Travel offers surfers and their families the kind of vacation that a surfer wants. Your vacation is, of course, on the beach. There isn't a tour bus in sight. No lines. No cafeterias. You look outside your tropical hotel suite and see the lines rolling in. And today, you don't have to leave your family for the day and drive to your favorite spot. It's right in front of you. Some of the family joins you for a surf. The rest of them are enjoying the pool and getting a thrill out of seeing iguanas and monkeys in the lush landscape. We offer you the kind of vacation you can't get from your local travel agent.

Our agents have visited the surf spots we sell, so we know exactly where to send you (and where not to!). With every trip, we'll send you driving directions and maps, plus details of each surf break so you can choose the wave you like to ride best. You can also go a little more exotic like Nicaragua or El Salvador with no worries ~ we've been there too!

Book with us with confidence and security. Worldwide Adventure Travel is fully licensed through the U.S. Government Sellers of Travel Association. We are long term members of Dun & Bradstreet, IATAN, CLIA and Travel Savers. In addition, Worldwide Adventure Travel is one of the most charitable travel companies in the world. We sponsor charity surf contests, the ESA, NSSA and every grom event that comes around. Look for our blue tent at a major event near you and come over and say "Hi"!


Some of our Most Popular Surf Destinations

Mexico Panama Barbados
Ecuador Peru Indonesia