Welcome to Harbor Reef, your Costa Rican home away from home.

If you were like me at 16, sitting on the beach, you were dreaming of places far away. Somewhere I could relax and stroll on the beach. They were exotic places. Places where the sea was warm and the ocean was blue, the surf was clean and uncrowned. A place I could relax on the beach in the afternoons and enjoy incredible sunsets, Tropical white sand beaches that stretch for miles. Lush tropical jungle inhabited with exotic creatures, sounds of the wild long into the night. Well we found it here in Nosara.

Nosara is a quaint beach town located in the northwest on the Guanacaste Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean that took many months of traveling through Costa Rica to find. Upon arrival it slowly emerged in true beauty out of the jungle with pristine beaches here in Playa Guiones as well as the surrounding area! After being here a while and getting to know the community it was easy to learn that everyone here came for many of the same reasons. We all wanted the quality of life we had always dreamed of. We wanted to wake up in a beautiful place and enjoy our day in a true tropical paradise.

The surf in Nosara is consistent. The resort offers rental ATV's, bikes, surfboards and snorkeling equipment, as well as massages and surf lessons.

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