Casa De Mar Hotel & Villas

Very few hotels in the world offer their guests direct beach front access to perfect waves. Surf lovers will find Casa de Mar Hotel and Villas the perfect place to enjoy with the whole family, some of the best waves in all of Central America. The beach of El Sunzal is world renowned as a challenging break for both advanced and beginning surfers.

The hotel is so conveniently located that our guests don’t need to be escorted by a surf guide. The waves are so close to the front door of the hotel that you will be able to surf before breakfast, have a second session after having a breakfast nap and if the body permits have an afternoon session. Often throughout the day our guests will be able to surf uncrowded perfect waves.

There will be no pressure to wake up before sunrise to get to the surf, you will be able to check the waves from your bed and decide if the conditions are worth getting up or to continue to enjoy your luxurious suite.

Within 10 miles of the hotel there are at least 8 very good surf spots, including the famous Punta Roca one of the best waves in the world. Transport to these breaks can be arranged and if you wish to have a surf guide to take you around we will also arrange it for you.