Boca del Toro

Tierra Verde consisit of seven beautiful rooms, with various layouts, to meet your specific needs, in spacious rooms all with a/c, hot water, private tiled bathrooms, semi-orthopedic mattreses, the house has a wrap around deck with large french windows which open to view the lush rainforest and the ocean views. The hotel has all the modern amenities such as Direct Tv and internet/fax connections.


Carenero: One of the best spots in Bocas del Toro, a left hand reef bottom point break waves that breaks for about 100 yards along the edge of the reef, the bigger the swell the better the waves connects a perfect barrell, they say the waves resembles some spots in Fiji, wave is very powerful and its got these amaazing barrel section which last several seconds, better hold on to your cojones. (were tierra verde is located).

Punch: A reef bottom righ/left break which can get really good, 3 different peaks with different take off zones.

Dumpers: A reef bottom left hander with a steep drop and tube, rides arent as long as Paunch or Carenero but its got an amazing large tube section.

SilverBack: A right hand big wave reef bottom , which breaks out in the middle of the ocean, about 35 minutes from Tierra Verde, It has been seen to have waves in the 20 ft face range