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Karang Nyimbor Hotel and Sumatra Surfcamps

Located within a National Park in the Lampung District of Sumatra on the southern tip of Sumatra Island, un-crowded waves, amazing wildlife and village surroundings offer a slice of paradise for surfers. These are three of the newest surf destinations in Indonesia, proving to be unmatched, with great waves year round and no crowds……. YET!

1. KARANG NYIMBOR HOTEL (SURFCAMP) is beach front located on the Karang Nyimbor point, overlooking the Karang Nyimbor Reefwith the best view of the line up. Located in a lush coconut plantation 26km South of town. All rooms are ocean facing, with a fan, bed & shower. The surfcamp has ten rooms with maximum occupancy of 20 people. Ping Pong, biking, fishing, diving, hiking, satellite television, DVD player, movies and telephone are for use at your leisure. (If you enjoy fishing you will need your own equipment, rod, reel, lures and fishing line is usually all you need. You can get locals to take you out for a half day of fishing for 80.000, where they catch Marlin with handlines.

2. WAY JAMBU or SUMATRAN PIPELINE is a fast barreling left for experts only. Accommodations consist of three (2) person private houses on stilts directly in front of the break (400 meters of beachfront). We are the only camp on the point.

3. DREW'S RIGHT is located just south of Bengkulu province. Many additional breaks surroung the main break, including Jimmy's Left and Jimmy's Right. We are the only surfcamp in this area. Accommodations consist of three bedroom house that sleeps six persons. Located directly in front of the break, this area has breath taking views, great surfing, fishing and a protected swimming area with white sand beaches and a volcano view. This house is great for groups of four to six.

All three locations are in natural settings with white sand beaches. Activities include surfing, beach combing, fishing, snorkeling, hiking and spearfishing.

SURFING: You will be escorted to the surfbreaks by guide and driver there are eleven spots and more to be explored, with such names as MANDIRI, LINTIK, BANANA ISLAND, WAY JAMBU (Sumatran Pipeline) and JENNY's RIGHT to name a few with a great range of beach and reef breaks. The main break straight out front called KARANG NYIMBOR REEF. The area has a great surfing season beginning March and ending in February.

To see footage of Way Jambu and Jimmy's Right check out the film "ULU's 32" and Timmy Turner's next film "Chasing the White Rhino". Also, check out the book "World Storm Riders Guide" Under Section 103 Lampung.

HOW TO GET THERE: You must fly from Jakarta to Lampung airport, Branti, around 40 minutes traveling time. LAMPUNG AIRPORT at 3:30pm where you will be picked up by our representatives and transferred to the camp around 3 hours of travel time to arrive at camp around 6:30pm via Jakarta. Also returning from Lampung to Jakarta at 4:00pm.


KARANG NYIMBOR REEF - (surfable on all tides) Located directly in front of the Karang Nyimbor Hotel. A long left reef break made up of three connecting sections when working properly. If can go for 500 meters. The reef is not too dangerous, best 4-8 foot. Trade winds blow offshore (Best in March, April, September thru November. Karang Nyimbor is a 400 meter long wave.

WAY JAMBU - Sumatran Pipeline, located 10 minutes South of Karang Nyimbor. The best kept secret in Indonesia! Handles any size, big heavy barrels, hollow tubing lefts made up of four heavy connecting sections. A shallow reef, out of deep water. A heavy and challenging wave that needs medium to high tide to work. Owned by Karang Nyimbor Hotel.

LITTLE WAY JAMBU - There are three more surfable reef passes South of the main break at Way Jambu. There are secluded and need no wind.

THREE SISTERS - Three rock slabs, hard breaking, best when flat to three foot.

BALI VILLAGE - a short hollow right reef, best at four foot. (20 minutes South of the Hotel)

TEMPLES - A hollow left fast tube on the South side of Bali Village. Best at four foot plus.

TURTLES - Forty minutes South of the Hotel. A secret spot that has three rights and three lefts. Deep water slabs, best on East wind.

TOWN - Has three main waves, torpedoes fast and most hollow right reef break. Middles , the beach break between L.J.'s best at high tide. L.J.'s excellent back door left that is good with size but inconsistent when small. Best in May, June and July.

RICARDO'S - the section South of L.J.'s

DREW'S RIGHT - A great right hand reef, needs medium to high tide. One hour ten minutes North of the Hotel. Owned by Karang Nyimbor Hotel.

JIMMY'S RIGHT - A fast hollow barreling right, experts only. Owned by Karang Nyimbor Hotel.

JIMMY'S LEFT - The same as Karang Nyimbor Reef

BANANA ISLAND - Located ten minutes by boat from town, has right's and left's works when other locations are working. Great Fishing and snorkeling.


OSAMA'S - A hidden beach break. Breaks hard and barrels a great channel. Gets lots of swell, even when flat.

MANDIRI - Great beach break that picks up lots of swell.

LINTIK - Three right reef breaks, good when big, but fickle